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Structure of ITOA
The launch is being carried out by Chris Emmins, using KwikChex expert resources – in consultation with owners and appropriate organizations and businesses.

Shortly after launch, with sufficient members and experts onboard, the association will be incorporated in its own right. It is envisaged that the first stage will include legal entities in the UK (representing European interests) and the USA (representing interests in the Americas, including US, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean – and with overall oversight of the association with a board of directors in each). It will be determined by review if other entities are required in other parts of the world (considered likely). Directorships and executive positions will be subject to review by governance panels and members wishes.

Budgets and all aspects of finance will be wholly transparent and the association will be run on a not for profit basis for the benefit of members. Appointments will be made specifically for governance and transparency purposes.

Advisory panels on crucial subjects will be appointed and made subject to review.

Annual General Meetings will be held, with all members being able to attend in person or online.

ITOA membership will be open to all timeshare owners worldwide. Aside from being a strong representative body, the following services and benefits will be provided.
Verified information resources
including ensuring that all options open to owners are provided.
Access to vetted legal assistance
(Laws, contracts and rules can be complex and vary all over the world and from State to State, so access to local experts with high standards is essential).
Facilitating with timeshare businesses with owner concerns, service issues and disputes.
A global travel service
focused on providing deals and assistance specifically for timeshare owners.
Information on buying, selling, renting and exchanging timeshares.
Insurance services specifically to protect owners.
Networking capability
An extraordinary networking capability with other owners – and a building of a substantial knowledge base.
Alerts on issues affecting owners, including changes in laws, fraud threats and safe travelling.
Regular news and online events for members.
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