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Stopping the Pesterers and Predators


It is almost certain that when it comes to a single community being pestered and preyed upon, timeshare owners top the list. 

Whether it is cold-calling by people that promise to sell timeshares or assist with timeshare exits, or owners going through another meeting at their timeshare resort to buy more products, ‘upgrades’ etc., it is a continuous, prolific problem faced by owners and  too often it results in huge financial losses. 

Just this week, ITOA founder Chris Emmins was quoted in another news article about the problems of  remorseless contacts by fraudsters. 

Investigations have shown that hundreds of thousands of calls are made to timeshare every year. In Europe, investigations and verification business KwikChex, which Chris is the CEO of, estimates that over 200 million Euros has been lost by owners – many of them very vulnerable, as a consequence of cold-calling. And in the US, it seems like there is barely a week goes by without more news of the latest huge losses suffered by timeshare owners. The FBI has warned of owners in the US being scammed out of millions of dollars by cold-callers, with reports of the scams being operated by Mexican drug cartels. 

Despite some actions being taken against the scammers, such as the recent case in Georgia where two people – Jess Kinmont and John P. Wenz Jr., were sentenced to federal prison for defrauding over 8,000 timeshare owners out of £18 million in a timeshare resale scam, the precatory plague continues. 

And although it may not result in the severe, financial losses perpetrated by the resale, exit and compensation scammers, social media timeshare owner groups are awash with complaints about their experiences of the undue pressure and confusing information they are often subjected to when they check in for their vacations. 

ITOA can help stop the pesterers and predators 

One of the primary objectives for ITOA will be to relieve owners of these distressing issues. We will be including this within a ‘Wishlist’ for timeshare owners – and Chris Emmins is convinced that on the basis of the tools, tactics and resources he has helped develop for over a decade, this is one wish that can very much come true. 

Take a look around the new ITOA site – and if you are interested in leveraging group strength to improve your timeshare owner experience or resolve issues, you can use our enquiry form to ask questions – or apply for membership. 

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