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KwikChex pursuing those responsible for the huge Global Great Hotels scam

As reported by renowned UK consumer organisation Which? KwikChex is assisting victims of a multimillion Euro timeshare scam operated out of Mallorca, and involving one of Spain’s biggest hotel management businesses.
Please click the images below (and double click within to enlarge) to read the Which? article.

ITOA founder Chris Emmins, continues to fight for justice, change and compensation within the timeshare sector through his company KwikChex. One of the latest cases to be taken up by Chris and KwikChex is a huge scam perpetrated by a business calling itself Global Great Hotels (GGH). The methods used to con existing timeshare owners out of their life savings, pensions and investments – and even equity in their homes is all too familiar – empathetic sales techniques, false promises and exaggerations of benefits and value, all carried out within the relaxed atmosphere of holiday resorts against people enjoying their holidays.

ITOA will be supporting the KwikChex actions and covering how people – including thousands of timeshare owners fall victim to scams and misrepresentations.

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