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ITOA Online Events & Guides to Cut Through ‘Hyper-Confusion’ and Help Avoid the Sharks

With owners starting to sign up for ITOA membership, we are now starting to set up the online events and guides that will help timeshare owners find the information they need.


Chris Emmins, ITOA founder, has this to say about the importance of these events.

“Every day, I see the strongest evidence of uncertainty: contradictory information and misinformation affecting timeshare owners. At the very least, this leads to indecision about many timeshare issues, and at worst, it often leads owners into traps. I often think that many owners must feel that they are adrift in a sea of sharks.”

To substantially improve this situation, ITOA is setting up online briefing and discussion events that will help provide much-needed clarity to timeshare owners. The subjects will span a broad spectrum, ensuring everything from helping maximise the timeshare experience to assisting owners who are feeling distressed about their situation.

The subjects we have chosen to start the ball rolling are:

  • S.O.S – Savvy Owner Strategies
    • There are so many owners who know how to get the most from their timeshares and what to do when things aren’t right. ITOA is tapping into this vast knowledge base to provide invaluable insight to all members. We will have some of the smartest owners providing advice to answer a broad spectrum of questions and support from our expert panels to provide further guidance.
  • Legal Timeshare Exit Facts
    • Timeshare exit is often a contentious and confusing subject, with owners not knowing who to believe or what they read online. It is one of the subjects that often leads owners into traps set by unscrupulous businesses. The reality is that there are many options, and these vary considerably according to the timeshare company or resort, regional and national laws and regulations, and the type of product owned. While there is no ‘one size fits all’, this event will outline some of the best of the absolute ‘dos and don’ts’, and we will be sure to arrange follow-ups on anything not answered.
  • Timeshare Buying, Selling & Renting
    • There is a substantial market for timeshare resales, but of course it is very dependent on supply and demand—what timeshare products are up for sale. In this session, we will have owners recounting their own experiences and experts providing advice, including how to not fall for resale scams. Renting timeshares (including renting them out if unused) is also a valuable option for many, so this will be covered too.
  • Navigating the Timeshare Compensation Minefield
    • There are many rogues that prey on timeshare owners, making promises of legal compensation pay-outs. This is particularly the case in Europe, where national and EU-wide laws and regulations are often tighter but can also be more complex. In addition to the timeshares themselves, there are also cases involving the provision of loans for buying timeshares. This session will bring owners up to date with the current situation and provide an ‘advice safe haven’ for owners.

In all cases, ITOA will be inviting owners to ask their questions and share their experiences. In addition to experts providing appropriate advice, to ensure the integrity of these events, ITOA will also invite law enforcement, regulatory authorities, and consumer protection organisations to attend and participate.

The events will be organised on a regional basis for convenience and to ensure local laws, etc., are taken into consideration. They will be recorded to enable owners that cannot make the live events to access the content at their convenience, and follow-up assistance, including update guidance, will also be made available.

More news on the dates and content will be available soon, but if you are interested in attending or participating, you can use the current contact form to let us know, and we will be sure to keep you posted:

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