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ITOA has joined KwikChex in its ‘Whole Truth’ initiative – adopting it specifically for timeshare

Many are familiar with the phrase, ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth – it is used in many countries as an oath in court, and severe penalties can be handed out to those that knowingly mislead. KwikChex is now applying this principle to the selling of products and services by providing buyers with the resources that enable far more robust checking, and effective reporting of many forms of deceit. The initial focus is on sectors where such behaviour is most prevalent – and is leading to serious consumer detriment, including substantial financial losses and distress.

Timeshare Solutions Deceptions
Sadly, timeshare is one of the sectors where deceit and obfuscation have been all too common. In recent times, the greatest actual losses have occurred when timeshare owners have been lured into spending huge sums for services that are claimed to help improve an owner’s position, including exit and compensation, resale, and schemes that are sold as replacement products.

Despite warnings from authorities, many timeshare owners continue to fall prey to the salespeople that claim to be saviours for timeshare owners that are confused or struggling with their ownership.

Timeshare Sales Misinformation
But there are also regrettably many complaints still about timeshare company salespeople – both those selling the product to consumers initially and those that are selling additional products (often described as upgrades or resolutions) to existing owners at what are usually called ‘update meetings’. Even the most enthusiastic timeshare owners complain about this aspect.

The Whole Truth Resources for ITOA Members
ITOA will be providing its members with effective tools to quickly detect and avoid misinformation. These resources will include

  • Check & Rescue – a due diligence and remedy assistance resource that enables owners to carry out due diligence on multiple types of businesses involved in timeshare – and where monies have already been paid, to assist in remedies and compensation / refunds. 
  • Whole Truth Testing Kit – this will enable ITOA members to carry out on-the-spot checks when people are trying to sell products and services, from resale, exits and compensation, to information being provided in updates / sales meetings at resorts.

Reporting Misinformation
When misinformation, deceptions and failures to disclose crucial information that may lead to detriment occurs, members will be encouraged to report them to ITOA, so that follow-ups can take place to prevent repeats of the behaviour and continuing harm to owners. 

Join ITOA now to ensure you get The Whole Truth.

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