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Welcome to ITOA
International Timeshare Owners Association
They say that unity is strength. They also say there is strength in numbers. Combine these two with excellent information and skills sets, and you have a formula that is a powerful and reassuring entity.

There are millions of timeshare owners in the world, and their common goal has been to enjoy vacations that are a cut above the ‘standard’ hotel rooms or rented apartments. There are many types of timeshares and properties, but this generally holds true.

The satisfaction levels among timeshare owners varies considerably, from ecstatic enthusiast to those who believe they have been badly misled – but for sure, all can help each other – if there is a unifying force.

About ITOA

ITOA is an initiative being started by Chris Emmins – a timeshare owner himself, but also with over a decade of experience in dealing with a very wide range of timeshare matters. In fact, that experience is probably unique and includes:
  • Assisting timeshare owners in court hearings
  • Acting as a witness in criminal cases where owners have been scammed
    Providing lawyers to assist owners
  • Setting up resources that have resulted in over $1 million dollars in refunds and prevented thousands of owners from being scammed
  • Consulting with law enforcement and government authorities on timeshare matters
  • Successfully aiding owner groups with issues, including annual fees and resort insolvency

The mission  for ITOA is to:

  • Assist members with problems, disputes and queries
  • Provide accurate answers to the many questions owners tend to have
  • Work on constantly improving  all aspects of timeshare ownership, including liaising with developers and resorts
  • Bring clarity to legal situations, including local laws and rights and contractual laws
  • Protect owners from harm
  • Add value with offers on services and products that are complimentary to timeshare ownership – including travel
  • Provide access to expert legal advice
  • Lobby on behalf of members
Latest News
respected by
timeshare businesses

Chris is respected by timeshare businesses and has presented on owner safeguarding issues at timeshare developer conferences in Europe and the US. He secured funding for additional safeguarding and resolutions dispute resources, which has enabled many owners to understand all of the options that may be available to them. See the award to Chris Emmins for fraud prevention.

The objectives of ITOA are to provide expert support and benefits for owners within a considerable global community, and to work on continuously improving the timeshare experience.

The character and structure of ITOA will include a transparency code that enables close scrutiny by members and by national law and consumer protection authorities.

ITOA membership

ITOA membership will be open to all timeshare owners worldwide. Aside from being a strong representative body, the following services and benefits will be provided.

  • Access to vetted legal assistance. (Laws, contracts and rules can be complex and vary all over the world and from State to State, so access to local experts with high standards is essential).
  • Verified information resources – including ensuring that all options open to owners are provided.
  • Facilitating with timeshare businesses with owner concerns, service issues and disputes.
  • A global travel service, focused on providing deals and assistance specifically for timeshare owners.
  • Information on buying, selling, renting and exchanging timeshares.
  • Insurance services  specifically to protect owners.
  • An extraordinary networking capability with other owners – and a building of a substantial knowledge base.
  • Alerts on issues affecting owners, including changes in laws, fraud threats and safe travelling.
  • Regular news and online events for members.

It is also intended to open up membership to the appropriate businesses on an approved basis to help ensure that good resources and constructive dialogue are a part of the objectives.

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